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Application-Specific Process Chemicals For Semiconductor, Semiconductor Material, Precision Optic And Ceramic, Flat Panel Display, Ophthalmic, And Flat Glass And Mirror Manufacturing.


Intersurface Dynamics' application specific chemicals improve the manufacturing processes in your industry

Our customers include some of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductor devices, silicon wafers, precision optics, ophthalmic lens, advanced displays and flat glass. These manufacturers rely on our proven products and expertise to optimize critical high-volume manufacturing.

Our ISO-9001:2015 registered facility coupled with advanced manufacturing techniques has produced a record of excellence translating into reliable and timely service for critical process technology demands.
Manufacturers And Leading Research And Academic Institutions Look To Intersurface Dynamics For New Products For Specific Process Solutions.
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After a formulation is designed in the lab, Intersurface Dynamics completes the optimization through application testing in the process simulation laboratory. New potential products are tested on parts and in processes that simulate a customer's manufacturing environment.
Intersurface Dynamics designs, manufactures, and sells application-specific chemicals for processes used in the production of silicon, silicon carbide, and sapphire wafers; lenses made of different glass and laser materials; integrated Circuits; and display and flat glass.
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