Precision Optics - Technical Glass
Edge Grinding

Edge grinding is performed for dimensional accuracy of a part and/or to provide a chamfered edge for lapping/surface grinding.  The process is performed on optical, piezoelectric and ceramic material using a edge-grinding wheel plated or bonded with diamond abrasive.  The matrix in which the diamonds are imbedded, and the concentration and size of diamonds, determine many of the surface finish parameters.  Wheel type is determined by the material being finished.

Edge grinding coolants/lubricants help to extend the life of the diamond edge-grinding wheel and to reduce edge chipping, consequently improving the dimensional accuracy of the finished parts.  Intersurface Dynamics grinding coolants/lubricants are available for non-recirculating systems at high dilution ratios of 500 parts water to one (500:1), and also for recirculating, filtered systems at lower dilution ratios of 50 parts water to one (50:1).

Challenge 300 Series