Silicon Wafer

Most semiconductor devices are fabricated using silicon wafers.  As the complexity of these devices has grown, so have the challenges for silicon wafer manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent technical requirements involving ultra-flat and defect-free surfaces.  Semiconductor throughput demands have also impacted wafer size, with 200mm, and even 300mm wafers, now prevalent in device production. In fact, by 2005, 10% of the total silicon wafer demand forecasted will be in the 300mm segment. Larger wafers result in more die per wafer and hence greater yield and lower costs. The challenge for silicon wafer manufacturers lies in keeping costs low while meeting ever higher quality standards for flatness and defect density. 
Intersurface Dynamics has manufactured application-specific chemicals for the silicon wafer industry since 1985.  The company’s VECTOR Series focuses on areas critical to the manufacture of flat, defect-free, low cost wafers with products used for Cropping, O.D. and Slot Grinding, I.D. Sawing, Wire Sawing, Post-Saw Cleaning, Edge Grinding, Lapping, Surface Grinding, Post-Lap Rinsing, Post-Lap Cleaning, Etching, Post-Polish Passivation Rinse, and Post-Polish Cleaning.  The majority of silicon and specialty wafer manufacturers worldwide use Intersurface Dynamics VECTOR Series products to achieve high quality results economically.

Cropping, OD and Slot Grinding I.D. Sawing Wire Sawing Post-Saw Cleaning
Edge Grinding Lapping Surface Grinding Post-Lap Rinsing
Post-Lap Cleaning Etching Post-Polish Passivation Rinse Post-Polish Cleaning