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Flat Glass & Mirror

Flat glass sheets often go through secondary processing steps to make them suitable for specific uses.  Shape and size are determined though the use of cutting tools edged with diamond or other abrasives.  Drilling and countersinking are performed to create holes, while edge grinding and beveling are done to create rounded or beveled edges for decorative effect. Polishing is often performed to achieve a highly flat, uniform or glossy surface with low surface roughness. Final step specialty coatings, such as anti-glare coatings, color tinting or the special reflective coatings designed for mirrors used in technical and laboratory applications, require an ultra-clean glass surface for optimal adhesion, and call for cleaning processes ranging from ultrasonic to manual cleaning.  Intersurface Dynamics manufactures a complete range of products designed to increase the efficiency of flat glass and mirror processing applications in terms of throughput, quality and, where applicable, tool life.

Edge Grinding and Beveling Drilling and Countersinking Polishing Cleaning

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