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Certified By: ISO 9001:2015

The semiconductor industry has instituted countless design innovations to make integrated circuits (ICs) faster and less expensive. However, this change has come at a price, as advanced circuit designs, and the materials that make them possible, put increasing pressure on the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Intersurface Dynamics focuses on the complex problems inherent in producing today’s most sophisticated ICs, with particular expertise in the process areas of ash/etch, planarization and packaging.  This expertise has resulted in highly developed chemistry for post-etch/ash residue removal and post-etch/ash residue removal rinse; chemical mechanical polishing and post-CMP cleaning; back grinding and back lapping, dicing/singulation and post-dice cleaning/passivation rinse.

Post-Etch/Post-Ash Residue Removal Post-Etch/Post-Ash Residue Removal Rinse Chemical Mechanical Polishing and Post-CMP Cleaning Back Grinding and Back Lapping
Dicing/Singulation Post-Dice Cleaning/Passivation Rinse  

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