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VECTOR HTG is a synthetic formulation developed to optimize removal rate and surface finish in grinding, sawing, and dicing processes using diamond grinding wheels and blades. The product’s exceptional heat transfer characteristics insure prolonged diamond life. VECTOR HTG is compatible with all filtration systems, and its foam-free operation promotes operator acceptance. 


  • Better surface finishes  
  • Faster removal rates
  • No foam
  • Extended diamond life
  • Non-staining
  • Compatible with all filtering systems
  • Non-corrosive
  • Operator acceptance

VECTOR HTG is designed for use at economical dilution ratios and is equally effective in hard and soft water. For optimum results in “once-through” coolant feed systems, follow the dilution ratios listed below, making production specific adjustments as needed:

Back-Grinding   - 75:1
Surface/Blanchard  - 50:1
O.D./Cylindrical  - 100:1
Edge/Bevel/Dicing  - 100:1
As Corrosion Inhibitor for Free Abrasive Lapping  - 50:1

Maintaining dilution ratios with a hand-held refractometer is recommended. A pH meter is also useful. Develop production-specific scales by obtaining accurately measured samples of a properly diluted mixture that corresponds to use. Maintain a higher concentration for recirculating, filtered coolant systems.

Additional Information:
VECTOR Products are available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, F.O.B. Bethel, Connecticut, and also include sawing fluids, suspension additives for lapping/polishing slurries, rinse/wet storage additives and ultrasonic/megasonic detergents. Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request.


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